About Us

Scorpion Express is an Express Cargo Service provider, recognized for its quality and unique multi product offering. Scorpion Express provides express & logistics services to B2B and B2C, delivering over 2 Million parcels a month to over 145 destination pan India spread across  States and Union Territories, using it’s own branches, hubs and Last Mile Delivery Centers.

Company Mission :

“ Our Mission is to be the best Freight and Logistics service provider in India. Our motto of being ‘Custodian First and Carrier Later’ enables us to focus on efficiency, quality, service delivery and performance, which will earn the respect and loyalty of our Customers. We will strive to provide exceptional value to our Customers, without compromising our ethics or integrity in the pursuit of profit.”

Company Vision:

“Our vision is to be the first choice for all transport and logistics in India”

Company Values:

  • Respect: A courteous disposition amongst staff, and towards clients.
  • Integrity: Compliance with company norms and standards.
  • Openness: An environment which encourages good transparent communication, internally and externally.
  • Reliability: The provision of accurate information to all stakeholders, and dependable customer service.
  • Quality: A commitment to quality service and safety at all times.