Co-processing :-

Scorpion Express, has introduced a new vertical in Pharmaceutical Business known as “Total Solutions in Waste Management” wherein we strives to be the most reliable partner to provide its customers with effective waste solutions and gives a needed confidence that the waste is managed in a sustainable way with all necessary Environmental Control Standards. I am attaching herewith a brief presentation on “Co-Processing of Expired & Breakage Stocks”. We are committed to sustainable development and helps in treating a wide range of undesirable socio-ecological waste.

Scorpion Express believe in providing professional, high quality services and undertake to maintain the Best-In-Class practices.

Capabilities and Commitment for your peace of mind:

  • 100% compliance, Health and Safety measures.
  • We have the assets, capabilities and expertise to handle your waste in a safe and sustainable way.
  • We have the latest equipment and extensive facilities to blend liquids, shred solid material and homogenise waste prior to its final treatment via co-processing.
  • Our highly trained employees go the extra mile to deliver the tailored solutions you need
  • We devote considerable resources and apply the highest standards to handling your waste.
  • We continuously train our people, systematically assess risks and raise the bar on our performance.
  • Teaming with us gives you the confidence to work with the waste management partner that shields your business from unwanted risks and gives you  peace of mind.

Scorpion Express is registered under Pollution Control Department and are authorized for operating a facility for Collection, Transport of Hazardous Wastes Under Hazardous and Other Waste Rules, 2016 vide Authorization Number :RCB/HWM/2017-2018/HSW/370.

Benefits of Co-processing :-

  • Leads to fewer landfills and reduces pollution caused by dumping
  • Reduces greenhouse-gas emissions, thereby fighting global warming
  • Reduces the environmental impact of extraction (mining/quarrying), transporting and processing of raw material
  • Conserves natural (non-renewable) energy and material resources
  • Relieves the waste generator of any future liability which may accrue due to waste disposal by processes like land filling and incineration

The Need For Sustainability :-

  • Waste generation is an inadvertent outcome of economic growth and it becomes necessary to deal with its disposal
  • Landfill and incineration are considered as necessary disposal options in some cases, but are less preferable in the waste management hierarchy
  • Co-processing recovers energy and minerals
       –  It helps conserves non-renewable resources
       –  It contributes to reduced global environmental footprint.
       –  It represents a sustainable solution for many waste streams which can’t  be recycled and shouldn’t be land filled or incinerated.
       –  It offers significant potential for reducing pollution and landfill space caused by the waste disposal.
  • Co-processing is a preferred solution in the waste management hierarchy

       Concept Of Co-processing :-

  • ACC (Geocycle) uses cement kiln technology (co-processing) to treat hazardous and non-hazardous waste in a sustainable manner ensuring regulatory compliance
  • It is a sustainable development concept that offers  significant potential for reducing pollution and landfill space caused by the waste disposal, thus contributing to reducing the environmental footprint
  • Co-processing is a preferred solution in the waste management hierarchy
  • It is ranked higher than incineration and landfill in waste management

       Incineration v/s Co-processing :-

  • The much higher temperature, and residence time in co-processing results efficient thermal destruction of even the most persistent pollutant
  • The Alkaline environment in kiln acts as natural gas cleaning
  • Co-processing leaves no residue to be land-filled
Characteristics Incineration Co-processing
Temperature 850 C – 1200 C 1400 – 2000
Recidence Time > 2 sec @ > 1200 C 4-6 sec @ >1800 C
Turbulence Induced in SCC Induced in klin
Gas Cleaning Alkaline scrubbing Alkaline Environment in klin
Residues Ash/fly ash In clinker product

  • You care about the health of our planet, we share this commitment and believe in working with you to solve waste challenges in a responsible way.
  • Together we can contribute to bring about “A zero waste future and a better world”