Drug-industry representatives use a variety of promotional methods. The tendency to hand out drug samples was statistically significantly associated with drug age, but the decline was small. Among the marketing approaches, pharmaceutical sales representatives constitute one of the most expensive and extensively used methods of giving information to physicians .

SEPL plays a vital role in the distribution of Promotional and Physician Samples to Marketing Representative at their door step .

Distributions of Promotional Input and Physician Sample:-

  • Medical Representative has a very vital role to play in representing his company and its products.
  • Hence, any problem faced or created by a medical representative can have adverse effects on the sale.
  • Scorpion Express spread it’s wings to every location to reach Medical representative on the field Pan India.

How it Functions :-

  • Scorpion Express picks the sample consignment directly for respective MRs from mother warehouse and sent it directly to individual MRs  for eg. 50 MRs from origin to end user in Assam @ 10 box each.
  • Sample movement will be faster as material is not held at CNF location anymore as the delivery of the samples are directly to the end user.
  • There is no commission and handling you pay to your CNF for their operation.
  • There is no secondary freight you pay at CNF end as there is a direct movement of samples to MRs.
  • Material is been send from mother warehouses to end user (MRs) having Pan India presence .

Documents Required :-

  • Delivery challan / invoice from origin to destination in the name of Medical Representative .
  • E-way bill is required for the shipment value above 50,000/-Rs.

Benefits :-

  • There is a single point solution for movement of sample.
  • Cost effectiveness.
  • No multiple handling of the shipment.